Welcome to my video "virtual office"

Currently I am seeing clients by video counseling only, until the Covid 19 pandemic is under better control.

Video session information

For video counseling sessions, I use OhMD (a HIPAA compliant, encrypted video service).  There is nothing you need to download.  I will send you a link just before the session - by text if you are attending by smartphone, or by e-mail if you are attending by home computer.  Just click on the link and you are in video session with me.  (You may need to set your phone to allow camera and microphone permissions.  I can guide you through this if you need help.)


I also use OhMD's secure, encrypted phone text messaging service.  This protects phone messages from being hacked while they are on their way from me to you, or from you to me.  If there is any reason you want to protect the messages once they are on your phone, you will need to delete them or move them to a secure location.  



I use Hushmail as my secure e-mailing service.   When I send you an e-mail, Hushmail will ask you to create your own passphrase for accessing it. 


As you prepare for a video session, please make sure you are in a place where you can have privacy and you will not be disturbed. 

Intake paperwork

I ask my new clients to complete intake forms at or before the first session.  I can send you the forms by e-mail so that you can print them out, or I can send the forms directly to your phone so that you can fill them out online. 

Whitehall office, physical location (I am currently not seeing clients here)

Click here for map and driving directions

Parking: east side of the building (gravel lot).

Wheelchair access: paved path between sidewalk (Legion Street) and wheelchair ramp.  Wheelchair accessible restrooms.

Street address:

309 E. Legion Ave.     S.E. Corner office


The cross streets are Legion Ave. and C street.  The entrance is at the top of the wheelchair ramp; the door is on the opposite side of the building from St. James Healthcare Physical Therapy clinic.